Artist for hire

Drew Northcott – Artist for hire.

On my sixth birthday I decided I was going to become an artist. I now have 29 years of professional experience spread across games, print and web. This just a small selection of my 2D work.
It doesn't include the picture of a turkey that I drew on my sixth birthday that started the whole thing.

Available for work-for-hire and commissions. Do you want you own 'Strange Tale', poster, fantasy portrait, or anything else art related?
You can get your own poster / tee shirt / mug with a custom Smaggers image. From a "your face here" variant of an existing image right up to a full custom digitally-painted canvas, anything is possible. Get in touch via the Contact page and we'll make it happen.

I have always believed that art should be fun and is far too important to take seriously. There are too many artists dealing with the darkness of the soul and serious existential dread, and not enough dealing with joy, as if that was somehow a lesser emotion.
It isn't, stuff 'em.
Joy is the best part of being a human being. let's have more of it.