Dinosaurs on Bicycles

A collection from the cretaceous: The increasingly incorrectly named "Dinosaurs on Bicycles" series.

In late 2009 there was a Steampunk Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. Prior to the opening event lots of splendid people met up and wandered around the environs of the city, pubs and museums were visited and rambling conversations were had.

Such a conversation occurred between myself and one Captain Dirigible just as some cyclists went past, and birthed an idea. It was one of those glorious inspirations that happens only as ideas bounce and spark in the spaces between brains.
The idea was this: that a T-Rex would much prefer a Penny Farthing because his arms are too short to reach the handlebars of a standard bicycle.

So this happened:

I'm still adding to these as the muse strikes. These are available on various items from my redbubble shop (Link at the bottom of the page) .