I've always had a soft spot for this sort of anachronism. High adventure and odd mechanical contrivances with real character. Steampunk, dieslepunk, B Movie sci-fi, I love it all.
If you want a Strange Tale cover or a poster of your own then drop me a line on the contact page. We'll come up with a scenario and I'll suggest a pose and lighting, you send a few photos and off we go. (Lighting doesn't have to be perfect, but it helps if it's approximately right.) They take about 8-12 hours each, so pricing is appropriate to that.
Strange Tales - an imaginary publication, but with a twist. Everyone on the cover is a real person acting their alter-ego and wearing a costume of their own devising.
A bunch of other steampunk stuff, again mostly real people,
That is to say most feature real people rather than that the people featured are 'mostly real'. I dunno though...